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High Water Usage


Water in the mountains is a premium commodity, one that we shouldn't waste. 
Many residents actively strive to use water efficiently, resulting in less water usage.  The District has tiered water rates to encourage conservation, where customers pay accordingly.

Things to consider if you have a higher than normal bill:

  1. We are always a month behind with the billing; look at the billing period dates on the bill
  2. Compare the prior month's usage to the current usage to find outthe difference
  3. Next, Compare last year's usage with current to see if it is within your "normal" usage for that particular month of the year.  Take in consideration fluctuation of usage due to past years weather patterns
  4. When a meter is failing, it slows down, resulting in less metered usage than actually consumed.  A faulty reading will be lower than it should be, not higher.  This means that rather than doubthing the reading, we advise you consider what could have caused such high consumption:
May contain: sink

Have you checked all toilets in the house for leaks?

Most high water bills can be attributed to leaky toilets.  A single running toilet can waste up to 7k gallons of water a month, resulting in a bill that cost hudreds of dollars.  Always listen for running or trickling water, particularly the "shhh" of the toilet filling itself up more than necessary.  IWD has complimentary dye tabs available at the district office.  Drop a dye tablet or several drops of dark food coloring into toilet tank.  After a few minutes, if the color shows up in the toilet bowl, you have a leak and we recommend that you consult a plumber.

Have you checked the kitchen and all other faucets in the house for leaks?

Suggestion: Use low flow sink aerators on all faucets.  Visit our district office for complementary aerators (while supplies last).

Are family members taking long showers?

Suggestion: Install a low-flow showerhead which uses only 2.5 gallons of water per minute.  You can pick up a complementary low-flow showerhead at our district office (while supplies last). 

Do you have lots of vegetation (plants and trees)?  Do you hand-water your plants and trees with a hose? Is it possible you left your hose running?

Do you have an irrigation or drip-line system?  Have you checked it for leaks?

Do you have a leaky swamp cooler, pool, spa, or misters?

Did you have visitors during the billing period? (Remember, consumption is charged a month late)