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Idyllwild Water District's Rain Barrel Program

May contain: barrel and rain barrel
           Ivy Rain Barrel

Idyllwild Water District is pleased to announce they are now offering Ivy Rain Barrels through our new rain barrel program. We are offering the rain barrels at cost to the District to encourage residents to conserve precious water resources as well as to protect water quality. For only $73.00, you can have your very own 50 gallon rain barrel!

The rain barrels can be purchased by contacting the District Office. This program is an important step toward protecting clean water in our community because it offers an inexpensive and proven option to help people make a difference in their own backyards. The use of rain barrels will provide residents the tools they need to conserve water.

The rain barrel captures rainwater from roof-tops by connecting to the homes downspout. . Water collected by the rain barrels can be used for gardens, lawns, and wash cars and pets.